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About Us

Bakir Vision Films is a production company founded in 2016 by CEO and owner Chris Martin (Chris Bakir). The idea is that you can come to one place and find everything you need to create a film/project from start to finish. We want projects to be interactive and exciting for people who are needing services and a new experience all around. The goal for striving professionals is to expand and collaborate with fellow filmmakers that want to build and expand their craft and now you would have a platform to do that on. Reaching out to businesses and bringing them on as repetitive clients so there is always work for talent and ultimately building a program, where people interested in film can come to learn and start at a beginners level progressing up to an expert level to become more experienced. My goal for every contractor on this platform is to be a professional in their skillset.
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 2021 REEL

Bakir Vision Films 2021 Reel
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